Wheel alignment service

Vehicle wheel alignments in Edmonton

The need for alignment

Alignment is important, some use meditation to align themselves with themselves, while others play or get out into nature to achieve this.

What’s true is, your vehicle can’t plan for itself and when it is running out of alignment, things start to wear out; just like we would.

Leading causes of wheel alignment issues

Potholes in Edmonton , wheel alignemnt

One of the most impactful reasons your wheel alignment may go out of spec, you guessed it; potholes. Not to say this is the only reason, overall road conditions create wear and tear on our vehicles suspension systems. When wear happens to steering and suspension parts the alignment angles can no longer be maintained.

  • Poor road conditions (potholes)
  • Worn ride control (steering and suspension components)
  • Modifications (lifting or lowering vehicle height or oversized tires)
How would you know?

wheel alignments in Edmonton

Some of the most common symptoms that you may experience as a driver that would indicate a wheel alignment problem can be;

  • The vehicle pulls to the left or right
  • The vehicle tracks with grooves on the road
  • Constant steering wheel pressure is needed to maintain direction
  • The vehicle feels squidgy on slippery surfaces
  • The vehicle feels rough or heavy over bumps

After all that, if you are inclined to check; your tires could show an uneven wear pattern, and wear prematurely.

How often should you have your wheel alignment checked?

Not all drivers are the same, we each have our own set of characteristics. Some of us are aware of the danger zones on the road and avoid the harsh impacts, where others don’t. Some of us are required to drive on rough roads all the time for our work, or as a result of where we live.

If you can’t remember when the last time you had an alignment done, or it has been a year or so, I would recommend having the alignment checked.

If you are installing a new set of tires, an alignment is a great idea, small adjustments will protect your investment.

Maybe you have recently purchased a used vehicle, and you are unaware of the last wheel alignment service.

All vehicles on the road require wheel alignment service, however, modern vehicles require a bit more attention to detail.

Many ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) require “re-learning” or “re-programming” after a wheel alignment adjustment has taken place. You will be happy to know that we can “re-learn” these systems.