Routine Service

Whether your vehicle is due for a check up or needs repair, Caliber will get you back on the road fast. While specializing in Honda and Acura repairs and diagnostics Caliber has realized the need to perform repairs and maintenance on other brands that our clients may own. Caliber Automotive has invested deeply into the tools, training, and equipment to do just that.

Caliber Automotive Edmonton Vehicle Service and Repair

Below are the most common service items that we see on a daily basis.

Did you know we have performed over 135,000 services while caring for over 45,000 vehicles? 

Oil Changes

Most drivers know their vehicle’s oil needs to be changed regularly. Oil changes are relatively simple and straightforward. Usually in and out of the shop in less than one hour.

Seasonal services

Owning a vehicle in Alberta comes with its own set of rules. Regular inspections before and after the bitterness of winter will ensure longevity in your vehicle.

Oil Leaks

Dark, oily patches on your driveway? Those are usually signs of an oil system leak. While typically not critical, if left too long, such leaks can deplete a vehicle’s oil supply and also permanently stain the concrete on which the fluid falls.

Brake Repairs

Most cars will need a new set of brake pads around 70,000km and possibly sooner if the drivers do a lot of stop-and-go driving. While installing new brake pads is a fairly simple. Brake repairs are critical to driver safety and should be addressed as soon as obvious problems arise.

Tire Repairs and Replacements

Like brake pads, tires need to be replaced when worn. Repairs or replacements are also necessary when tires are damaged/punctured by nails or other road debris. Regular tire rotation can minimize wear and help drivers get the most from the tires they purchase.

Battery Replacements

Most car batteries are designed to last only four to six years, after which they need to be replaced. For many drivers, the frustrating part is that, unlike bad brakes that squeak and squeal when nearing failure, auto batteries tend to just quit without warning, leaving their vehicles stuck wherever the event happens to take place. It is advised to have batteries tested twice a year to prevent untimely breakdowns.

Ignition System Repairs

Most of the time, when a car won’t start, the problem is the battery (see above). But sometimes the problem goes deeper — all the way to the ignition system itself. When this is the case, diagnosis and repairs or replacements require a higher degree of expertise. This is even truer today than in years past as virtually all vehicles now have computer controlled electronic ignition systems.

Coolant System Flushes

Coolant/antifreeze solutions weaken over time. They need to be flushed from radiators and replaced with fresh fluid every few years.

Air Conditioning Recharges

Although an air conditioning system should be completely sealed, sometimes leaks will form from vibrations that occur during normal driving. This can be a complex process and you need to be certified to work on air conditioning systems.

Fuel System Repairs

This type of repair is becoming more common place with newer fuel systems utilizing “direct injection”. More frequent service is required. Beyond the service of the fuel injection system, fuel pump failure is still a very common repair.

Engine Tune-up

In order to prevent ignition coil failures it is important to maintain the engines spark plugs. By following the recommended service interval’s for your spark plugs you will maintain desired fuel economy and run smoothly.

Transmission Repairs/Replacements

Today’s transmissions are not like they used to be, they are built with up to 10 speeds and are entirely controlled by onboard computers. Transmission repairs take expertise and specialized equipment. And, yes, they’re expensive.

Timing Belt Replacement

Your engines timing belt provides precise engine synchronization. This synchronization is crucial for proper combustion and the engine’s overall performance. If the timing belt fails, it can lead to severe engine damage, making regular timing belt services a fundamental aspect of engine maintenance.

Testing and Analysis

Testing and Analysis services involve the use of advanced technology to identify, analyze, and interpret issues within a vehicle’s various systems. These systems include the engine, transmission, brakes, electrical systems, emissions, and more.

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Caliber Automotive Edmonton Vehicle Service and Repair

Whatever your vehicle needs are, Caliber Automotive will handle them with confidence and accuracy.