The New Air Conditioning Standard For Your Vehicle

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A Complete Guide for Vehicle Owners; Understanding the New Standard


Your Air Conditioning, Introduction to R1234yf Refrigerant


At Caliber Automotive Ltd., our commitment to eco-friendly initiatives is steadfast. Transitioning from R134a to R1234yf refrigerant in our car air conditioning systems marks a pivotal shift towards a greener future. This change is crucial given the significant environmental benefits R1234yf offers over R134a. Let’s explore what R1234yf is, how it differs from R134a, and its implications for your vehicle’s maintenance and repair.


The Shift from R134a to R1234yf


R134a has been the standard refrigerant for many years due to its effectiveness. However, its global warming potential (GWP) around 1430 contributes significantly to environmental harm when released. R1234yf, with a GWP of just 4, is a step towards reducing our ecological impact and aligns with global efforts to preserve the environment.


Implementation by Manufacturers


Car manufacturers began transitioning to R1234yf in the early 2010’s (although very few vehicle models were equipped at this time), responding to increasing environmental regulations worldwide. In the United States, the transition gained momentum after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) endorsed R1234yf due to its lower GWP. By 2013, several leading automakers started incorporating R1234yf into some of their new models. This shift is mandated to be standard for all new vehicles by 2021, ensuring all manufacturers comply with global environmental standards.


Main Differences Between R1234yf and R134a


Environmental Impact

R134a: High GWP of 1430.

R1234yf: Significantly lower GWP of 4, promoting environmental sustainability.


Chemical Composition:

R134a: Classified as a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC).

R1234yf: Part of the newer hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) category, less harmful to the atmosphere.


Safety Concerns:

R134a: Non-flammable.

R1234yf: Slightly flammable, requiring specific safety measures.


System Compatibility:

 R134a: Works with older AC systems.

 R1234yf: Needs specific components such as different lubricants and seals.


Impact on Vehicle Maintenance:


Caliber Automotive has adapted to accommodate R1234yf in various ways:

Expert Training: Our technicians are well-trained to manage R1234yf systems safely and effectively.

Enhanced Safety Protocols: We have updated our facilities to handle R1234yf’s mild flammability.

Specialized Equipment: We use R1234yf-specific recovery machines and charging stations.

Careful Storage and Handling: R1234yf is stored and handled with heightened safety precautions.

Component Compatibility: We replace parts like hoses and seals with those designed for R1234yf, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Risks Associated with Inadequate Equipment


Utilizing “Home built”, “Shop built” or inappropriate tools for R1234yf can result in complications:


Environmental Impact: Poorly suited equipment may lead to refrigerant escape, undercutting its low global warming benefits by contributing to excessive atmospheric pollution. The use of equipment made to circumvent the strict procedures as set out by Environmental Protection Agencies is irresponsible

Safety Concerns: Tools, equipment and practices not in line with handling R1234yf’s properties could elevate the likelihood of fires or explosions in a servicing environment.

Damage to Vehicle Systems: Incorrect servicing techniques might damage the air conditioning system, leading to costly repairs or even voiding vehicle warranties.


Selecting a Qualified Service Facility


For vehicle owners, choosing a repair shop equipped with the latest tools designed for R1234yf is important for maintaining their vehicle’s safety and integrity. At Caliber Automotive, we use cutting-edge technology tailored for this refrigerant. Our technicians are thoroughly trained to manage and apply necessary service and safety procedures effectively.


Why Choose Caliber Automotive


By choosing Caliber Automotive, you are not only ensuring your safety and optimal vehicle performance but also making a significant contribution to environmental responsibility. Trusting us with your car guarantees you benefit from our commitment to quality, stringent safety standards, and proactive approach to utilizing top-tier equipment, all of which are geared towards reducing our environmental footprint.


For guaranteed safety and quality service, the power is in your hands to choose a provider, you have a choice. Your choice can make all the difference in the longevity and performance of your vehicle.



Adopting R1234yf refrigerant servicing equipment and tooling underscores our commitment to reducing our vehicles’ environmental footprint. Although this brings new challenges, Caliber Automotive is fully prepared to address them, providing superior care for your vehicle. Embracing this change supports environmental sustainability and your car’s efficiency and safety.


We value your trust in managing your automotive needs. For more information on R1234yf refrigerant and its effects on your vehicle, please contact us. Together, we are steering towards a more sustainable future.


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