Spring Vehicle Service in Edmonton

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Spring Vehicle Service Checklist for Edmonton, Alberta: Preparing Your Car for the Thaw

As the snow melts and the days grow longer, Edmontonians welcome the change of seasons with open arms. Spring in Alberta is a time of renewal, not just for nature but for our vehicles as well. The winter months are hard on our cars, with the cold temperatures, salt, and slush all taking their toll. As we transition into spring, giving your vehicle the TLC it deserves is key to ensure it’s ready for the warmer months. Here’s your spring vehicle service checklist, explicitly tailored for Edmonton, Alberta.

Tire Transition

Winter in Edmonton means winter tires, essential for safe driving through the icy, snowy months. But as we move into spring, it’s time to switch back to all-season or summer tires. Not only is this switch necessary for optimal performance, but it also extends the life of your winter tires. The best time to change your winter tires over is when the average temperature outside is 7°C.

Brake Inspection

The stop-and-go of winter driving, often on icy roads, can be harsh on your brakes. A spring service should always include a brake inspection to ensure everything functions correctly. This includes checking the brake pads, rotors, and fluid. Keeping your brakes in top condition is crucial for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Alignment check

Rough roads during the winter months wreak havoc on our steering and suspension systems. Your investment in tires and how long they will last is largely dependent on your vehicles alignment. Annual alignment checks can prevent uneven and rapid tire wear

Spare tire check

Your spare tire is the unsung hero when you have a flat. But what happens if you need it and it, too, is a little soggy? Be sure to include the important task of checking it’s pressure during your spring servicing. Also, you will find the appropriate tire pressure setting on the sidewall of the spare tire or on the tire placard typically located on the driver’s door pillar.

Fluid Levels and Oil Change

Cold temperatures can affect the viscosity and performance of your vehicle’s fluids. As we say goodbye to winter, it’s a good time to check and top up all your fluids, including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer fluid. If you’re due for an oil change, spring is the perfect time to get this done, ensuring your engine runs smoothly as the weather warms up.

Battery Performance Test

Winter can be brutal on car batteries. The cold weather can significantly reduce battery capacity and reveal any underlying issues. A battery performance test will ensure that your battery is still in good condition after the winter months and ready to handle the increased electrical demands of the warmer weather.

Undercarriage Clean-up

Salt, sand and whatever else the city of Edmonton decides to coat the icy roads with; while great for keeping the roads safe during winter. They’re not so kind to your car’s undercarriage, leading to rust and corrosion. A thorough wash of your vehicle’s undercarriage will remove these corrosive materials and help prevent rust. Pay special attention to areas like the wheel wells and brakes.

Air Conditioning System Check

Before the heat of summer arrives in earnest, it’s wise to check your vehicle’s air conditioning system. After being out of use during the winter, the system may need a recharge or repairs to ensure it’s ready to keep you cool in the warmer months.

Interior window cleaning

Often overlooked is the inside of your windows. Your interior is filled with different components that are continually off gassing, leaving a film on your windows. What exaggerates this in the winter is our hot air fogging things up and our vehicles HVAC system always on defrost blasting the windshield. Beware the glare!

Wiper Blades Replacement

Winter is really tough on wiper blades, leaving them cracked, torn, or worn out. With spring showers on the horizon, ensuring your wipers are in good condition is essential for maintaining visibility during rain.


As we embrace the beauty of spring in Edmonton, Alberta, let’s not forget our trusty vehicles that need a seasonal refresh. Taking the time for a spring vehicle service ensures your car’s longevity and a safer, more enjoyable driving experience as you explore all our beautiful province has to offer. At Caliber Automotive, we’re committed to helping you make the most of this season with your vehicle in top condition. Let’s welcome the spring with open arms and well-maintained vehicles!

Here is a handy video explaining how to check the tire pressure in your spare